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Reusable Waterproof PuppyPad

Reusable Waterproof PuppyPad

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"Such an easy way to train your pup to pee where you want. I now put my PuppyPad outside and my pup never does his business in the house!"

Katie, Michigan


Product Benefits

🐾 Perfect For Potty Training - Unlock the secret to hassle-free potty training! The PuppyPad is ultra-absorbent and ensures your dog

🐾 Great For Protecting Your House. - Our PuppyPads is great for protecting your carpet furniture.

🐾 Protect Your Car During Travelling - Stick your PuppyPad in your car and keep your car clean during car journeys.

🐾 More Effective & Cheaper Alternative - Disposable pads can be very expensive over time, not to mention how they offer very little absorption. Our ultra-absorbent PuppyPad is a much more effective way to potty train your pup.

🐾 Reusable & Machine-washable - After use, quickly & easily machine wash your PuppyPad and reuse over and over again! This is much more convenient than having to constantly stock up on ineffective disposable pads.

How Does It Work?

The PuppyPad utilises multi-layer absorption technology. This ensures that the pad is fully leak-proof - ensuring a hassle-free potty training experience!

Product Features

🐾 Premium Soft Quality - The luxurious material will ensure your pup is as comfortable as possible whilst they go to the toilet.

🐾 Fits Dogs Of All Sizes - The PuppyPad comes in multiple sizes to fit all dogs and ensure there is no mess.

🐾 Adorable Design - There are multiple adorable designs to choose from. Pick your favourite design to suit your home and watch your potty training problems disappear!

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